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Developing a Standard Rough Cut Capacity Planning (RCCP) Model for Modine's Air-Cooled Applications Business

Modine Manufacturing Company is a leading manufacturer of heat transfer products for various applications and markets. The company’s Air-Cooled Applications market vertical provides air-cooled thermal management and currently operates multiple manufacturing plants across the globe that produce similar products within the vertical. Each site develops its own resource planning without an effective model to work from and this decentralized planning practice makes it difficult to obtain a holistic global view of demand versus installed capacity. This project will help to create a connected view of global capacity for the Air-Cooled Applications business by developing a standard Rough Cut Capacity Planning (RCCP) model that will eventually be integrated into Modine's Sales, Inventory, and Operations Planning (SIOP) process.

Modine Mfg 2023

Student Team:

Griffin Riley – BTS (BBA/Master of Supply Chain Management)
Abrajeedhan Srilatha – Master of Business Administration

Project Sponsors:

Jason Ulett – Managing Director, Global Operations

Faculty Advisors:

Damian Beil – Ross School of Business
Debra Levantrosser – College of Engineering

This experience was fantastic. Over the summer we got to travel to different facilities, including one international trip. This has given me a very positive impression about corporate America and motivates me to keep learning and growing. Professionally, I learned a lot about business operations, and I am eager and ready to take the next step in my career.
Abrajeedhan Srilatha
Master of Business Administration
This Tauber project gave me insight into industry and operations that I would not have received in a traditional internship. I received first-hand experience in understanding the strategic formulation of supply and demand planning, observed manufacturing from the shop floor, and traveled to multiple plants, gaining insight on corporate culture domestically and internationally. This experience has supplemented my degree by giving me a tangible perspective to many concepts that can feel intangible in the classroom.
Griffin Riley
BBA/Master in Supply Chain Management