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Demand Planning Optimization

Beyond Meat challenged the Tauber Project Team to evaluate their current demand planning process and find opportunities to reduce costs while improving service levels. By taking a data-centric approach and conducting interviews with key stakeholders involved in the process, the team identified the transfer of finished goods as inefficient. By developing and back-testing an optimization model which utilized (i) costs for transportation and production, and (ii) constraints on production capacity and inventory levels, the Tauber Team proposed the inclusion of regional demand forecasts to optimize the transfer of finished goods.

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Xuhao Dai – Master of Science in Engineering in Industrial & Operations Engineering

Sameer Kumar Reddy Gurijala – Master of Business Administration



Chris Peyre – Vice President of Global Supply Chain

Sanjay C. Shah – Chief Operating Officer



Ekaterina Astashkina – Ross School of Business

Izak Duenyas – Ross School of Business