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Customer Returns Sortation

In 2018, Amazon will receive 187MM customer returned items. Amazon seeks to better serve its Customers and Sellers through faster and more efficient processing of customer returns. The University of Michigan Tauber team was charged with piloting several solutions to increase the quality and throughput of this process, with potential for network-wide scalability.

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Student Team:

Abhishek Gowrishankar —Master of Engineering in Manufacturing

Andrea Krushefski — Master of Business Administration


Project Sponsors:

Ranjan Banerji — Program Manager, NACF ACES Operations Integration

Benjamin Mullican — Principal Program Manager, NACF ACES Operations Integration

Greg Zielinkski — Director, NACF ACES Operations Integration


Faculty Advisors:

Xiuli Chao — College of Engineering

Mohamed Mostagir— Ross School of Business