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Capital Equipment Forecast Accuracy Improvement Project

BD is a dynamic global medical technology leader that touches billions of patients worldwide. Post-pandemic demand for BD’s products has been more volatile than ever, making traditional forecasting techniques inadequate to predict demand and supply. The project's primary objective is to analyze the current process, identify pain points, and propose process/tool improvements to improve demand forecasting. 

2023 BD Team

Student Team:

Farzad Siraj – EGL (BSE/MSE Computer Science)
Maria Fernanda Guerrero Pineiro – Master of Business Administration

Project Sponsors:

Brooke Story  – President Integrated Diagnostic Solutions
Kate Wetzel – Vice President, Business Process Excellence
Nilesh Bodade – Director of E2E Process Digitalization and Data Science

Faculty Advisors:

Joline Uichanco – Ross School of Business
Christian Lastoskie – College of Engineering

Maria and Farzad both brought unique skills and fresh perspectives. They conducted multiple interviews to derive insights and connect dots that had not been previously understood. They mixed theory and practicalities to offer a pragmatic improvement plan.

The team exceeded expectations in quality of output, approach, and ability to navigate a complex organization.
Kate Wetzel
Vice President, Business Process Excellence, BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)