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Brandsafway has identified an opportunity for advancing the tracking capabilities of scaffolding systems. The Tauber team aims to develop an efficient AI-based image recognition model specifically tailored for tracking and identifying scaffolding components. This initiative seeks to yield significant returns on investment by financial gains, heightened precision, operational efficiency, and cost-effectiveness enhancements within the construction sector.

Student Team:

Ufuoma Odje – Master of Business Administration

Akhil Ramesh – EGL (BSE Mechanical Engineering / MSE Industrial and Operations Engineering)

Shri Harshini Shanmugam – Master in Industrial and Operations Engineering

Project Sponsors:

Christine Burrell – Vice President Human Resources

Mark Choe – EVP/ Chief Technical Officer

Nicolas Green – Director Digital Transformation

Faculty Advisors:

Stef Jasin – Ross School of Business

Wei Lu – College of Engineering