Batch Changeover Velocity

The 2021 Pfizer Tauber Project focuses on accelerating the pharmaceutical batch process velocity of clinical manufacturing in the Sandwich, UK facility.

The team will evaluate non-manufacturing activities and resources to identify specific improvement areas, create optimization mechanisms and tools, implement efficiency recommendations, and develop performance tracking measures.

Increasing manufacturing throughput and capacity utilization by 30% over the subsequent 12 months is the driving ambition that will expedite medicines to market and meet the unmet needs of patients globally.

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Student Team:

Lyndy Burnett – Master of Business Administration

Jackson Cummings – EGL (BSE & MSE Industrial & Operations Engineering)

Project Sponsors:

Ross MacRae – Senor Director, Drug Product Supply

Paul Stuart – Vice President, Drug Product Supply

Sue Upson – Drug Product Manufacturing Lead, Drug Product Supply

Faculty Advisors:

Luis Garcia-Guzman – College of Engineering

Len Middleton – Ross School of Business

Project Photos

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