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Barley Valorization from Seed to Sip

AB InBev is committed to its 2025 sustainability goals of sourcing a majority of its malt barley directly from global growers and ensuring that those persons are skilled, connected, and financially empowered. Each year, barley is rejected due to failure to meet ABI’s barley quality standards; this project aims to drastically alter the global barley supply chain by promising to accept 100% of contracted barley from growers. The Tauber team’s goal is to identify technological solutions to valorize barley through sortation, processing, and fractionation of barley received without compromising beer quality and company profitability in order to create a more sustainable business model for its growers.

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Marcos Coppa – Master of Business Administration

Murat Johnson – Master of Business Administration

Michelle Pawlow – EGL (BSE Environmental Engineering/MSE Industrial and Operations Engineering)


Marcelo Goncalez – Global Manager, Vertical Operations

Adam Griffith – Vice President of Operations, Global Raw Materials

Luke Mafazy – Operations Director, Global Raw Materials

Alessandro Sperotto – Vice President, Global Vertical Operations


John Branch – Ross School of Business

William Schultz – College of Engineering

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