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AutoSLAM Kickout Reduction

Amazon fulfillment centers use a machine called AutoSLAM to apply customer shipping labels to packages. However, for a variety of reasons, this machine cannot automatically process every package, resulting in “kickouts” that require additional manual processing. These kickouts result in additional cost as well as delays in shipping customer orders. This Tauber team worked to identify the root causes of kickouts and test potential fixes to reduce kickouts that can be applied across Amazon’s North America Fulfillment Network.

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Student Team:

Noah Feingold — MBA & Master of Environment and Sustainability

Zheng Zhang — Master of Business Administration


Project Liaisons / Supervisors:

Kyle Attamante, Principal PM, NACF ACES, Subject Matter Expert, Regional Quality

Ben Mullican, Principal PM, NACF ACES, Ops Integration


Faculty Advisors:

David Chesney, College of Engineering

An Shwayder, Ross School of Business