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Amazon Robotics - Factory Transformation

As Amazon Robotics shifts to manufacturing a higher mix of products and more complex machines, the Tauber team has been tasked with identifying opportunities for digitalization and automation within current business practices. The team will be capturing the current as-is state and evaluating future states of automation. Helping to identify industry best practices and emerging technologies that will improve our level of automation. As part of this effort the team will be creating methods for benchmarking our level of automation for evaluating impact of change and relative level of automation against industry standards.

Student Team:

 Nora Desmond – EGL (BSE Electrical Engineering / MSE Electrical and Computer Engineering 

 Praveen Karunakaran – MSE Industrial and Operations Engineering

Jane Huang - MBA

Project Sponsors:

Amazon Robotics Champion: Troy Cutler

Amazon Robotics Supervisor: Pat Dunbeck

Faculty Advisors:

Samantha Keppler – Ross School of Business

Dawn Tilbury – College of Engineering

Project Photos

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