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Amazon North America Customer Fulfillment FC Games Use Case Expansion

To mitigate rising attrition costs and increase fulfillment center (FC) productivity, the Tauber team focused on exploring solutions targeted at increasing associate engagement. The Tauber team collaborated with ACES (Amazon Customer Excellence System) Ops Integration, AFT (Amazon Fulfillment Technology), and FC Operations Managers to explore FC Games. FC Games is a user engagement platform that provides video game experiences for associates while they work, driven by FC labor activities. The goal of FC Games is to provide FC associates with an experience that makes work more fun, leading to increased engagement, motivation, and job satisfaction.

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Student Team:

Siddharth Venkatesan – EGL (BSE Computer Engineering & MSE Electrical & Computer Engineering)


Project Sponsors:

Dave Graybeal – Director, North American Customer Fulfillment

Govind Singh – Principal Program Manager, ACES Ops Integration


Faculty Advisors:

Matt Gibson – College of Engineering

M.S. Krishnan – Ross School of Business