Amazon Fulfillment Count Optimization and Defect Reduction

To mitigate the cost of Amazon's rapid expansion of Fulfillment Centers, the Tauber team focused on two separate opportunities within quality - Count Optimization and Defect Reduction.

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Student Team:
Benjamin Lewis ‒ EGL (BSE Mechanical Engineering/MSE Industrial & Operations Engineering)
Vikram Raghavan ‒ Master of Supply Chain Management
Anand Vasudevan ‒ EGP (MSE in Industrial & Operations Engineering)


Project Sponsors:
Dave Graybeal ‒ Director, Quality, North American Customer Fulfillment (NACF)
Govind Singh ‒ Principal Program Manager, ACES Quality


Faculty Advisors:
Jeff Alden ‒ College of Engineering
Mohamed Mostagir ‒ Ross School of Business

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