Amazon Delivery Electrification

In February 2019, with the announcement of Shipment Zero, Amazon committed to the ambitious goal of delivering 50% of its shipments with net zero carbon by 2030. Electric Vehicles (EVs) have zero tailpipe emissions, and offer operating savings of up to 65% in per mile energy costs and 47% in maintenance costs. Last Mile delivery electrification is the cleanest and most practical solution that will enable Amazon to reach this goal. Therefore, as soon as electric delivery vans are available at scale in North America, Amazon must be operationally prepared to deploy an electric fleet at scale.

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Fernanda Barros – Master of Business Administration
Robbie Greenberg – EGL (BSE & MSE Industrial and Operations Engineering)



Sam Eldersveld – Director of Inventory

Planning and Research

Maria Lee – Product Manager, Global Fleet and Products

Ross Rachey – Director of Global Fleet and Products



David Kaufman – College of Engineering

Brian Wu – Ross School of Business