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Alternative Fulfillment & Labor Planning Solutions for the Greater Vancouver Area

Amazon’s presence in the Vancouver, British Columbia area is dramatically increasing with demand projected to grow by 70% YoY. Amazon, however, faces unique challenges in the area centered around two constraints: a lack of relevant workforce and real estate restrictions placed by the Metro Vancouver Agricultural Land Reserve. The Tauber team will devise precise and actionable solutions that will provide relief from the two constraints to help Amazon keep up with demand and maintain a first-rate customer experience.

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Student Team:

Ayush Gupta – Master of Business Administration

Santhosh Narayanan – EGL (BSE & MSE in Industrial and Operations Engineering)

Project Sponsors:

Sumegha Kumar – Director of Canada Customer Fulfillment (CACF) Operations Anshuman Kumar – Director Regional Operations

Arun Srivastava – General Manager of Fulfillment Center Operations

Faculty Advisors:

Mark Daskin – College of Engineering

Stefanus Jasin – Ross School of Business