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The Tauber team is partnering with American Industrial Partners (AIP) and ADDMAN, a leader in additive manufacturing, to integrate AI into its operations, benefiting sectors such as defense, aerospace, and medical technology. The project involves three phases: Identification, focusing on potential AI applications; Application, training an AI model; and Integration, implementing and optimizing AI tools in workflows. The goal is to achieve a 25% improvement in specific KPIs by 2025. This initiative aims to significantly enhance ADDMAN's performance and efficiency.

Student Team:

Danny Colon – EGL (BSE /MSE Industrial and Operations Engineering)

Annelise Leaire –EGL (BSE Chem / MSE Industrial and Operations Engineering)

Project Sponsors:

Tim Brasher – Senior Director Market Development

Joseph Calmese – Chief Executive Officer

Leslie Hardin – Managing Partner

Jack Simmons – Operations Associate

Faculty Advisors:

Jeff Alden  – College of Engineering  

Steve Leider – Ross School of Business