Advanced Material Insertion

As Boeing increases composite material use, the need to quickly and accurately certify materials from suppliers is critical to delivering high-performing aircraft on schedule and at competitive prices. The multi-year material insertion process costs tens of millions of dollars in capital investments and any delay increases cost.  Boeing charged the Tauber team to document the current state of material insertions for structural fiber composites, identify recurring process issues and potential solutions, and provide recommendations to reduce the time and cost required fo future material insertions.

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Student Team:

Alexander Lau – Master of Business Administration

Daniel Manore – Master of Business Administration

Spenser Pawlik – EGL (BSE/MSE in Mechanical Engineering)


Project Sponsors:

Jorge Aguiar – Manager, Supplier Management Regulated Material

Tia Benson Tolle – Manager, PD Materials

Hardik Dalal – Advanced Composite Materials, Product Development

Dylan Jones – Manager, Product Development

Heather McCullough – Manager, Raw Materials and Standards


Faculty Advisors:

Peter Washabaugh – College of Engineering

Ravi Anupindi – Ross School of Business

Project Photos