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Additive Manufacturing Opportunity Identification

Working with AIP and ADDMAN in identifying and quantifying additive manufacturing opportunities at industrial companies to direct ADDMAN sales initiatives, provide insight for AIP into financial impact at portfolio companies and potential acquisitions, and provide direct cost savings by reducing the required assessment and labor to implement additive solutions. In addition to developing the methodology, additional operational improvements are being implemented at ADDMAN to analyze and lower costs associated with producing additively manufactured parts.

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Student Team:

Alyssa Dern – EGL (BSE & MSE in Industrial and Operations Engineering)

Aaron Kaplan – Master of Business Administration


Project Sponsors:

Jeff Birenbaum – Partner (Operations)

Daniel Davis – Partner (Operations)

Dan Saberton – Engineering Manager


Faculty Advisors:

Damian Beil – Ross School of Business

Grant Kruger – College of Engineering