3D Printing Integration for Aftermarket No-source Part Order Fulfillment Process

The three-person Tauber team worked with the Cummins New & ReConditioned Parts (NRP) division, which supports the aftermarket supply chain for over 200,000 current and legacy parts. Advait Bhogte (Master of Engineering in Manufacturing), Makura Compton (Master of Business Administration), and Dieon Roger (MSE Mechanical Engineering & MEng Systems Engineering & Design) came to the project at Cummins with varying levels of experience with 3D printing, a technology that emerged in the mid-1980s and has become increasingly prevalent in the last couple of decades. The scope of work, however, was much more about an analysis of process than a focus on engineering or technology. The team began by interviewing stakeholders in multiple rounds. These invaluable conversations informed their analysis of the current process flow and construction of value stream maps: where were the opportunities to optimize the process?

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2018 Cummins team

Student Team

Advait Bhogte – Master of Engineering in Manufacturing

Makura Compton – Master of Business Administration

Dieon Roger – MSE Mechanical Engineering & MEng Systems Engineering & Design 


Project  Sponsors

Nikhil Doiphode – Parts Research & Technology Engineer, New & ReCon Parts

Brent Lollar – Director of Marketing Operations, New & ReCon Parts

Kelly Schmitz – Executive Director of Engineering, New & ReCon Parts

Todd Wieland – Director of Research & Technology, New & ReCon Parts 


Faculty Advisors

M.S. Krishnan – Ross School of Business

Brian Love – College of Engineering


Project Photos

2018 Cummins team onsite