All Tauber students complete a 14-week paid Team Project with a leading firm.


Team Projects are unlike internships in other programs. Team Projects are specifically designed for Tauber students and target substantive operations issues with business and engineering components.

A typical team consists of 3 Tauber students, with at least 1 business student and 1 engineering student per team.

Both to test and demonstrate your skills, you need responsibility and the opportunity to succeed. Instead of showing how well you can maintain the status quo, you'll work toward integrating business and engineering disciplines to make your sponsoring company faster, smarter, and more efficient for today's competitive landscape. Companies work in concert with the Tauber Institute to build special projects for you that can showcase your ability to make a difference in a team environment.

Review the Team Project summaries.

Tauber Institute team projects offer the following:

  • Substantive, consulting-type experience with leading companies
  • Executive-level support and access within the sponsoring company
  • True teamwork and leadership experience
  • Historical high employment rate with participating companies
  • Competitive internship salaries

Team Project weekly salaries are as follows (subject to change after 2023):

  • $2100 to $2700 - Graduate students with four or more years of full-time work experience
  • $1800 to $2400 - Graduate students with more than 2 but less than four years of full-time work experience
  • $1500 to $2100 - Graduate students with less than two years of full-time work experience, including EGL students entering their fifth year of study

Upon project completion, all teams compete in the annual Spotlight! Team Project Showcase Scholarship Competition. Spotlight! is a highly competitive event where all teams present project results to corporate representatives, students, alumni, and faculty.

Senior-level executives from industry serve as judges and evaluate projects on the basis of scope, implementation, impact, overall presentation skills, and other criteria to determine the winners of approximately $40,000 in scholarship prizes.

Note: Some sponsors restrict team projects to domestic students.

My first year at Tauber was extremely rewarding and enriching. Working alongside and constantly learning from my brilliant peers — whether it be within the SAB or the Tauber project team, have been the highlights of my time here. I can say, with confidence, that being a Tauber student elevated the University of Michigan experience for me.
Shreya Agrawal (MS, Industrial and Operations Engineering, '22)