Meet the Tauber alumni scholarship award winners

Ann Arbor, MI - Congratulations to Danielle DeMarco (MBA) and Grace Vandelac (EGL BSE/MSE-IOE), recipients of the 2022 Tauber Alumni Scholarships. The Tauber Alumni Board presented the awards at the SPOTLIGHT! 2022 Team Project Showcase and Scholarship Competition.

Tauber Alumni Board President Andrew Burgess (MBA '11) described the annual award: "The scholarship is given to the student or students who best exemplify the traits that we value as an alumni base – and those fit into four broad categories: Student Involvement, Thought Leadership, Industry Engagement, and Team & Organizational Leadership. But really what it boils down to is continuous improvement. We want students to leave the organization better than they found it. They can do that in a myriad of ways – but ultimately we want everyone to contribute, and be incentivized to contribute.”

Danielle DeMarco (MBA)

As a first-generation college student, and now a first-generation graduate student, I feel blessed to have the opportunity to expand my knowledge and worldview. Tauber has given me the opportunity to pivot my career, grow my network, and develop professional skills that help bridge the gap between engineering and business disciplines.

Master of Business Administration student Danielle DeMarco has served on the Tauber Student Advisory Board as Vice President and President. She was instrumental in realigning Student Advisory Board roles to adapt to the ever-changing dynamics of the Tauber Institute's student body and programs.

For her Tauber team project, Danielle spent the past summer working for The Boeing Company. Her Tauber team created a plan for stronger integration and streamlined production of the KC-46 in Boeing's Everett, WA facilities.

Grace Vandelac (EGL BSE/MSE-IOE)

I organized a consulting-style event involving 25 students and seven Tauber faculty to provide expert solutions to three operations challenges for two local, Detroit-metro area, nonprofits. I reached out to over 30 non-profit organizations and set up several scoping meetings throughout the fall semester before narrowing down to the final projects.

Engineering Global Leadership student Grace Vandelac is pursuing a Master of Engineering in Industrial and Operations Engineering. She has served on the Tauber Student Advisory Board as Community Service Chair and also on the Global Operations Conference committee.

For her Tauber team project, Grace worked with the Target Corporation to address issues with Target's inbound freight. Her Tauber team focused on process improvements that reduce waste and developed a working model to reduce defects in Target’s receiving process path.

The Tauber Institute for Global Operations is a joint venture between the University of Michigan Ross School of Business and Michigan Engineering, working together with industry partners to facilitate cross-disciplinary education in global operations management. The Tauber Institute is an inaugural recipient of the UPS George D. Smith Prize for effective and innovative preparation of students to be good practitioners of operations research, management science, or analytics. For more information visit