Boeing, Pfizer, and AIP receive longevity awards

Ann Arbor, MI - The Tauber Institute for Global Operations presents The Boeing Company, Pfizer, and American Industrial Partners with Longevity Awards at the SPOTLIGHT! 2021 Team Project Showcase Awards Ceremony in recognition of their commitment to operations education through their active participation in Tauber team projects

Since 1993, over a hundred different companies have sponsored Tauber team projects. Each year, teams of Tauber Institute business + engineering graduate students solve tough operations challenges and uncover significant savings for their sponsors. Students also champion major improvements in project fields such as data analytics, sustainability, supply chain, and strategy. The 2021 Tauber team projects resulted in $989 million in savings according to sponsoring company calculations, an average of $43 million per project over three years.

25 Years: The Boeing Company

Boeing is the first company to reach the milestone of 25 years of Tauber team project sponsorship. The Boeing Company has sponsored a total of 59 Tauber team projects at facilities across the United States.

15 Years: Pfizer, Inc.

Over the past 15 years, Pfizer, Inc. has sponsored 16 Tauber team projects at facilities in the United States and Great Britain.

5 Years: American Industrial Partners

In their first 5 years of project sponsorship, AIP has already sponsored 7 Tauber team projects.

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