Webinar: Rate Lean: Fast


The Rapid Plant Assessment (RPA) process is essential to operations. How to tour a plant and conduct a rating process is critical to the success of the plant. This webinar discusses the details of how to conduct a tour. Many use the process to assist in mergers and acquisitions. Purchasing people have found the RPA tool valuable both in choosing new suppliers and helping existing suppliers lower their costs and improve quality. Those companies on a lean transformation journey can use the workbook to develop an assessment of their progress based on a brief staff tour done very six months or so. Learn how the RPA process can be done by an experienced team less than half a day at low cost.

The webinar will include topics such as:

  • Checklist for Group Touring and Rating a Plant’s Lean State
  • Toyota Production System and Lean
  • Experiences Leading to the RPA Process Development
  • The RPA Process
  • Lean Transformation Benefits, Risks, and Implementation Barriers