Tauber Celebrates 2020 Graduates


Virtual Event

Celebrate our newest Tauber alumni! We are tremendously proud
of the accomplishments of the Tauber Institute class of 2020
and admire the fortitude with which they have faced the
challenges of the past two months. We hope you will
share congratulations with them through social media!


Juan Manuel Alfaro (MBA)
Maria Mercedes Alvarez (MBA)
Thomas Barlow (MSE ME)
Fernanda Sampaio Barros (MBA)
Cecilia Ines Beux Rodriguez (MBA)
Nathan Herschel Block (EGL BSE/MSE EE)
Blake Louis Bogart (MBA)
Dwight Brisbin (EGL BSE/MSE CS)
Jack Claucherty (EGL BSE/MSE IOE)
Jason Patrick Comstock (EGL BSE/MSE IOE)
Almira Dogruyol (EGL BSE/MSE IOE)
Andrés Fuentes-Afflick (MBA)
David Ginsberg (MBA)
Robbie Greenberg (EGL BSE/MSE IOE)
Benjamin Grogan (MBA)
Shabir Grover (Dual MM/MSE ME)
Bryant Powell Hawkes (MBA/MEng Space Eng)
Stephanie Hoglund (EGL BSE/MSE IOE)
Rhea Kumar (MBA)
Lau Yun Song Darren (MBA)
Jayden Seonghyuk Lee (MBA)
Petra Marina Romano Lieber (EGL BSE/MSE IOE)
Yijung Lo (MBA)
Michael B. London (Dual MBA/MS Natural Resources)
Laura Malecky (MBA)
Kayla Malehorn (EGL BSE ME/MSE SE&D)
Ryan C. Manes (MBA)
Jerry Carmel Maniscalco Jr. (MBA)
Charles Manzoni (MBA)
Michael A. May (MSE-IOE)
Graham McCarthy (EGL BSE AERO/MSE IOE)
Alexander Mize (MSE IOE)
Charlie Moore (EGL BSE MS/MSE IOE)
Amine Moussaoui (MBA)
Thao Phuong Nguyen (MBA)
Robert Pakko (EGL BSE/MSE IOE)
Mary Grace Pellegrini (MBA & MS Information)
Hao Ran (MBA)
Jacob Siddall (MBA)
Nirav Bharat Suraiya (MBA)
Hiroki Tanaka (MBA)
Sarah Ting (MBA/MSE AERO)
Christian Paul Wire (EGL BSE CHEM/MSE IOE)
Nan Wu (MBA)
Dehao Zhang (MSE IOE)