Leadership Speaker Series: Eckhart, Inc. CEO Andy Storm


R0320 (Ross School of Business)

The Tauber Leadership Speaker Series proudly presents Andy Storm, President and CEO of Eckhart, Inc. In this special event, Andy will lead a highly interactive discussion on

"Empowering Mind & Machine: How Industry 4.0 Will Reinvent Life As We Know It."

Room R0320 (Ross School of Business)
Tauber Event is free and open to the public


4:30 p.m. Presentation (followed by Q&A at 5:30p.m.)
Time allowed for refreshments and networking

"From pundits, to experts, and academia much has been said about the impending doom that is to fall upon us as robots and automation take over the world and make evening strolls to the Dairy Queen, Saturday morning chats with neighbors at the local post office, and walks down your favorite grocery store aisle a thing of the past.  Empowering Mind & Machine: How Industry 4.0 Will Reinvent Life As We Know It will provide participants with real-life examples that illustrate Industry 4.0 based innovation will empower humans and machines to work in data optimized value streams that will unlock unimaginable levels of safety, quality, productivity, and value-creation across all sectors of society.  Join the CEO of one of America's Industry 4.0 leaders and learn how you can embrace technology and innovation to transform life on your line!"

CAN'T ATTEND? Most Tauber Leadership Speaker Series are recorded and added to the Leadership Speaker Series post-session.
HOSTED BY: Tauber Institute for Global Operations.

The Tauber Leadership Speaker Series is a student-organized initiative to bring in top leaders from industry to the University of Michigan. These high-level executives are invited to share insights on their own careers, the qualities needed in today's global economy for strong leadership, and tangible steps to achieve excellence in one's own career path.

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