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Hear from Tauber Industry Director Raymond Muscat at the conference!

Mr. Muscat’s corporate career has spanned 35+ years with a variety of global experiences in the Automotive, Defense Electronics, Aerospace, and Office Furniture industries. His experience includes engineering, manufacturing, program management, mergers and acquisitions, global manufacturing strategy development and execution, and the implementation of the Toyota Production System/Lean Manufacturing principles. Read full bio here >

About his presentation:

  • Developing and sustaining a lean manufacturing system for over 23 years requires tremendous management commitment, leadership, and employee engagement.  Herman Miller Inc., known for its innovation and world-class product designs, was challenged by growing customer demands to transform its operations, and as a result, developed the Herman Miller Performance System (HMPS)
  • This presentation chronicles the Herman Miller Performance System’s journey from its humble beginnings, in collaboration with the Toyota Supplier Support Center at a small Herman Miller subsidiary, to its enterprise-wide implementation today including results achieved at both the local and corporate level, and the process used to propagate HMPS principles and application of lean thinking from the factory floor to traditional office functions
  • We will cover the challenges encountered, lessons learned, and changes made along the way to foster a corporate culture of continuous improvement.  We will also explore the difficulties and opportunities encountered when gaining knowledge and experience in lean application, including the changing nature of leader’s roles, employee development, and organizational commitment
  • Finally, we will describe developing the next generation of operations leaders through the Tauber Institute for Global Operations innovative, award-winning graduate program.  The Institute is a joint venture between the University of Michigan’s Stephen M. Ross School of Business and the College of Engineering, working together with a wide range of industry partners to facilitate experiential cross-disciplinary education in global operations management