IPD Voting Winter 2021

Welcome to IPD Online Trade Show Winter 2021!

Theme: Self Sufficient and In Control

Design a product-driven solution to help individuals gain an increased sense of self-sufficiency and life control.

Voting is now closed, but you are welcome to read about the voting process and to visit the student product websites by clicking on the logos below.

Help us by voting for your favorites! Here’s how:
1. Enter your email & name. We do this only to ensure voting system integrity, “one person, one vote.” We promise not to use this information for any other purpose.
2. Click on each team logo to view the website for each of the 4 products. 
3. Decide how you would spend up to $150 to “buy” one or more of the products offered.
4. Return to this page and make your buying choices.

• You don’t have to “spend” all of $150, but that’s your “budget” maximum.
• Fair and objective evaluations are critical to the integrity of the course and its evaluation system.
• Thanks so much for helping us! We hope you feel self-sufficient and in control!





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