Lucius Clay

MBA '16

Sales Director

Trepp, LLC

Tauber alum Lucius Clay (MBA '16) is now Sales Director at Trepp, LLC, a leading provider of data, analytics, and technology solutions to the global securities and investment management industries.

Q: What drew you to the University of Michigan?

I was looking for a general management school.  I had lived in the northeast all my life, and so Michigan provided a change of pace as well as a big school experience that I didn’t get in undergrad.

Q: When you think back on your time with the Tauber Program, what stands out?

During the Pit Crew Challenge when their team beat the record time I remember Sam Edandison bear hugging and lifting Yancey May off his feet.

Q: In what ways did your Tauber experience shape the professional that you are now?

I naturally hate inefficiency and waste, but Tauber really helped me quantify and articulate waste in ways that I would not have been able to prior to Ross.

Q: What has been your biggest challenge?

Patience. If you are going to enact change, particularly at a large fortune 500, companies do not move fast (no matter what they tell you in recruiting). You need to build consensus, choose your words carefully, and pick your battles.

Q: What advice would you give to current or future Tauber students?

Don’t be afraid of getting pigeon-holed in operations.  The skill set in Tauber is applicable in many roles.  When picking your Tauber projects make sure you believe the scope is appropriate for the 14 week timeline.