New Leaders for the Evolving World of Operations

Theresa Ceccarelli
Published 2016

Solving Operations Problems for the World’s Top Companies

Each year up to 30 companies – including Boeing, BorgWarner, Stanley Black & Decker, Amazon, and PepsiCo – participate in Tauber Institute’s internship projects. In recognition of over 20 years of promoting action-based learning, the Tauber Institute won the inaugural UPS George D. Smith Prize for its preparation of students in operations research, management science and analytics.

Lean and POS: Challenges and Opportunities

J. Dutton R. Kapuscinski W. Lovejoy P. Mallinckrodt
Published 2013

This white paper focuses on how “lean” process improvement practitioners can draw on the POS mindset and some of its tactics and interventions to augment their tool kit and improve process improvement project outcomes.

Positive Lean: Inspiring Efficiency from Within

Wallace J. Hopp
Published 2013

Can a highly efficient organization be a great place to work? Or do the standardized methods and metric based management used by lean organizations create stifling and stressful environments? The best implementations of lean can enhance rather than degrade working conditions. Learn how lean can be combined with positive workforce practices to create organizations that are both efficient and humane.