Where research and learning come together, a sampling of our research initiatives include:

  • Lean process design and implementation
  • Distribution and logistics, production/manufacturing/distribution systems
  • Facility layout and design (facility location modeling)
  • Modeling and analysis of production and service systems, analysis of integrated/decentralized supply chain management models, applications of stochastic optimization, queuing systems
  • Material handling, supply chain management, strategic sourcing, supply chain risk management, lean operations, supply chain sustainability, value chains for economic development and health care delivery
  • Strategic sourcing, design of procurement auctions and applications of operations management to health care
  • Production scheduling, stochastic modeling, performance analysis and control of manufacturing/service systems, investments in new technology
  • Information systems economics; online auctions, managing multiple selling mechanisms online, pricing strategies for online services with network externalities, simultaneous management of offline and online selling channels
  • Design, control and management of production, supply chain and work systems
  • Value of information in coordinating elements of supply chain, optimal design of production-inventory systems with capacity constraints,financial and operational hedging, and efficiency of energy markets

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