What are Tauber Team Projects?

Tauber Institute Team Projects are 14-week multidisciplinary, collaborative internships during which students work on operations issues to potentially earn or save sponsoring companies millions of dollars. In these custom opportunities, students demonstrate their skills to a very demanding audience, and show they can outperform expectations.

Unlike traditional internships, students prepare for Team Projects during the fall and winter semesters by participating in a development program consisting of communications training and project management skills. Tauber students also meet with a team building and workplace consultant to recognize communication styles within the group and identify potential strengths and weaknesses. Strategies are then developed to maximize a team's effectiveness. As a result, students arrive at the project site as a cohesive team prepared to focus solely on the project and the end result.

Tauber Institute teams are also supported by University of Michigan faculty who serve as advisors. Advisors from both the College of Engineering and Business School - two leading experts in their fields - oversee the projects and add their knowledge base. Faculty advisors consult regularly with students and make on-site visits to review their progress firsthand.

Pacific Gas & Electric Company Team Project