William S. Lovejoy

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Professor William S. Lovejoy is the Raymond T. Perring Family Professor of Business Administration, Professor of Technology and Operations in the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business, and holds a joint appointment in the School of Art and Design. He took a moment recently to reflect on his career:

Q: You've earned many awards and honors, but how do you measure your own success?

A: By whether I add value to whomever I am serving. Do students learn? Do I help companies? Is somebody better off for my efforts?

Q: What are you doing differently today, compared with how you taught 25 years ago?

A: I have more experience and know a lot more about business in general now, so I can better tie operational insights into a whole-business context.

Q: What are your students really interested in today?

A: The best students are the same as they were 25 years ago, smart and naturally curious with a strong sense of social mission.

Q: What haven't you accomplished that is still on your list?

A: Many things. I will just mention my near future plans. I started teaching manufacturing 25 years ago, but realized that many manufacturing problems stemmed from poor product design. So I moved into product design and development where I have been for 20 years (includes IPD course). Then, over the past three years I extended this into business development, being the faculty co-director for the Master of Entrepreneurship program. The next phase will extend this further in economy development, which is what I think we need in places like Detroit.

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Q: What are your personal interests, outside of your career?

A: I like being out in nature; hiking, sailing, swimming. Cool vacations have been spent kayaking with whales, scuba diving shipwrecks and coral reefs, dog sledding into the wilderness and camping over New Year’s Eve.

The Tauber Institute for Global Operations proud that Professor Lovejoy is a member of the Tauber Executive Committee, and that his unique insight and energy will help ensure that programming remains on the leading edge for students and corporate sponsors.

  • Professor Lovejoy shared his thoughts about manufacturing's future on Friday with journalists at the Society of American Business Editors and Writers annual conference in Chicago. Here are some excerpts.

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Art & Design Assistant Professor John Marshall and Ross School of Business Professor William S. Lovejoy lead the nationally recognized IPD Course
Professor Bill Lovejoy celebrates with students another completion of the IPD Tradeshow