Student Leadership

Tauber Institute students have many opportunities to practice their leadership skills by actively participating in various boards and committees. Click below to learn more.

• Mentorship Committee
"Through my Tauber experience, I have had the privilege of serving on the Student Advisory Board where I was able to coordinate professional and social events allowing the brightest minds in engineering, business, and supply chain to intermingle and grow.  This was in addition to learning from some of the most esteemed professors the University of Michigan has to offer.  Above all else, observing the work ethic and professionalism of Tauber Faculty in everything from dining etiquette to faculty tours has gifted me with a holistic appreciation for what it takes to reach my lofty goals.  I will be forever grateful for all the time, effort, and support the Tauber Institute has invested in me and look forward to building on the one-of-kind foundation it has provided when entering the workforce as a Tauber Fellow" - Andrew Poterala, EGL (BSE-ME, MSE-IOE '18).
Andrew Poterala