Global Operations Conference

Organized by students from the Tauber Institute for Global Operations, the conference is designed to benefit students, academicians, and industry leaders through an interactive exchange of ideas and insights. The conference will allow attendees to network and share experiences and also provide graduate Business and Engineering students with a perspective on challenges and opportunities in the field of operations relative to current industry trends.

Each year the conference is held in November and new student leadership is elected in January. A conference theme is also selected at that time. You can link to the conference website here.

The 2020 year’s conference committee includes:

Sasanka Neti
Jack Simmons

Case Competition Chairs:
Jose Ignacio Prieto Tagle (MBA) jiprieto@umich.ed
Jack Simmons:
Jason Miller:
Bunmi Fatodu:

Finance Chair:
Nancy Kim:

Marketing and Alumni Co-Chairs: 
Gilbert Pasquale:
Sharon Sun:
Priti Singh:

Sponsors and Corporate Recruiting Co-Chair:
Jonathan Jan:
Leo Lin:
Vedant Kanyaboiena:

Speakers & Panelists Chair:
Anubhav Gupta:
Sasanka Neti:
Batuhan Akcay:

Technology and Logistics Chair:
Jonathan Jan:

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Nirav Surajya MBA