Fernanda Barros

The power of business to change the world has always fascinated me and this is why I chose to do Business Administration for my undergrad. I started my career as a consultant, and very fast learned that I enjoyed being involved in projects in which I could see tangible results and have a hands-on approach. Entering the fast-paced environment of logistics and transportation, where ambiguity is the rule and things change all the time, confirmed that passion. I loved the way I had to respond promptly to events I was not sure about, and create solutions to complex problems.

I decided to pursue my MBA at Ross to hone my leadership skills and use my hands-on experience to take my career to a next level. I want to work with impact, and operations is an incredible way to have that impact I am looking for. The Tauber Institute, as a reference in global operations was a fundamental decision factor for me. At Tauber, I am constantly surrounded by amazing students, faculty and staff who are helping me on my path to become an operations leader and have a positive impact in the society I live.

Fernanda Barros (MBA '20)