Darren Lau

As someone who has always been very systematic and process-driven, I naturally gravitated towards engineering in my undergrad. Post-graduation, I joined ExxonMobil as I was looking for a large organization where I could easily gain exposure to a wide variety of functions in great depth and detail.

During my time at ExxonMobil, I was empowered to drive cost reduction and performance improvement initiatives within the facility and really enjoyed the freedom of access I had to senior management. It taught me a lot about managing timelines and teams, as well as managing complex projects.

My desire to be more involved in the strategic decision-making part of businesses has led me here to Ross. As a student who was admitted to the Tauber Institute for Global Operations, I am particularly interested in the crossroads where business, operations, technology, and data will all eventually come together. As I continue to gain knowledge and experience in these areas, I hope to become an effective operations leader in the future that will be able to positively contribute to my community.

Darren Lau (MBA '20)