2017 The Pfizer Team Project


The Challenge:
Pfizer began developed Portable Continuous Miniature Modular (PCMM) technology with the goal of accelerating its pharmaceutical portfolio through continuous manufacturing.  As the PCMM progresses towards becoming the industry’s standard manufacturing platform, Pfizer recognizes the need to establish operational excellence within the PCMM. The ultimate goal is to enable Pfizer’s portfolio by increasing PCMM availability via operational excellence.

The Solution:
The Tauber team created an operational excellence framework and identified applicable metrics with which to analyze and measure the PCMM’s operational performance. The team then implemented a series of solutions and made long term recommendations to bridge operational gaps and increase operational excellence. Due to the work done by the Tauber team to improve communication, scheduling logic, and operational efficiency, Pfizer will save an estimated $5.85 million/year, and the PCMM will better enable Pfizer’s portfolio by supporting the development of two additional compounds per year.

Read the 2017 Pfizer Team Project Executive Summary in the 2017 SPOTLIGHT! book.

Student Team:
Robert Carsey –Master of Business Administration
Jurgen Kameniku–MSE Chemical Engineering

Project Sponsors:
Rob Noack –Director, Drug Product Supply
Jessica Sigurdson–Technology Lead, Drug Product Supply
Paul Stuart –VP, Drug Product Supply

Faculty Advisors:
Eric Svaan–Ross School of Business
Henry Wang–College of Engineering

About Tauber Team Projects:

The 2017 Tauber Team Projects resulted in $575 million in savings according to sponsoring company calculations, an average of $18.5 million per project over 3 years.

Each two to three person Tauber Team consists of graduate engineering, MBA, and/or MSCM students. Along with receiving high-level corporate support from the sponsoring company, each team is advised by a College of Engineering and a Ross School of Business faculty member and overseen by a Tauber Institute Co-Director. The projects begin on-site in May and continue for 14 weeks.  Students present the results of their projects and compete for over $40,000 in scholarships at the U-M Tauber Institute's annual Spotlight! event, held each September in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Spotlight! provides outstanding opportunities for students and corporate partners to establish relationships while exploring innovations in operations and manufacturing.
Access Spotlight! book for project details.
2017 Pfizer Team Project
2017 Pfizer Team Project
2017 Pfizer Team Project