Melissa Sweeney Scholarship Recipient

In just a few short weeks I will be graduating and have already accepted a position at McKinsey & Company as part of their Operations Practice. I am excited for the opportunity to make a lasting impact on the operations of so many companies across the globe. My success is a direct result of the support that I received from the Tauber Institute program and alumni network.

After completing my Team Project at Microsoft last fall, I proudly received the Tauber Alumni Scholarship at Spotlight! - a moment I will always remember. As a recipient of the award I was able to spend time doing what I love in my final year of school, such as focusing on my academics and coordinating a volunteer trip for students to support impoverished schools in Malawi, Africa. Without this scholarship, that time would have been spent working to meet the demands of rising tuition rather than making a difference in our global community.
The Tauber Alumni Scholarship Fund facilitates student growth and promotes academic success. Each year, support from this fund enriches graduate student learning opportunities, leadership development, and ensures the Tauber experience remains every bit as transformational as you remember it to be. Your gift to the Tauber Alumni Scholarship Fund helps students like me leave a positive mark on our world.
As I reflect on my involvement as the President of the Tauber Student Advisor Board, I feel lucky to have seen first-hand how our alumni give so generously of their time and resources to ensure students have the very best Tauber experience. And as a soon to be Tauber alumna, I look forward to continuing to support students just as alumni have supported me.
I have no doubt your Tauber education has benefited you as well. Let's continue to make a difference for future talented Tauber students. Please give to the Tauber Alumni Scholarship Fund today. Your gift will make a difference.
Thank you, and Go Blue!

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Melissa Sweeney, EGL, BSE-MSE/MSE-IOE '16