2016 Integrated Product Development Results

The instructors received extremely enthusiastic feedback on the IPD Trade Show this year. So much that the students were invited to present their products to the technology leadership team of Proctor & Gamble. 

Congratulations on completing a rigorous design challenge! 

2016 Challenge: One-Handed Household Device
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Following are the overall results of the trade show competition. 

Total profit:


Unit gross margin:


Unit margin %:


Round 1 $/cust:


Round 2 #/cust:


Low scrap + lost sales:


Heroic loss-cutting:


South Asia region sales:


“I can say (in hindsight), that IPD was the most holistic course offered within the business school or college of engineering.
 It effectively combined the rigor, discipline and methodology required to develop products, while representing the real-life tension and organizational factors that impact a firm’s ability to deliver winning products. By accurately representing the product development process, from brainstorming and concept creation to planning, pricing and execution, IPD allowed me to see what a career in developing products would look like.”

This innovative course has been featured on CNN and written up in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Businessweek. 

This was the 19th IPD Trade Show held at the University of Michigan.

Stephanie Tharp, associate professor, STAMPS School of Art & Design, Gunalan Nadarajan, Dean, STAMPS School of Art & Design, Eric Svaan, Lecturer of Technology and Operations, Ross School of Business
Kurv team (laundry basket with wheels). One of 5 teams in the 2016 U-M IPD course
Zip+ team (magnetic zipper). One of 5 teams in the 2016 U-M IPD course
Vizi - Bandaid Stickers. One of 5 teams in the 2016 U-M IPD course.
Scrubd team (one-handed scrub brush). One of 5 teams in the U-M IPD course.
Washable team (nozzle, diverter, brush). One of 5 teams in the U-M IPD course.