Program at a glance:

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 9 company visits and 3 start-up
Cultural activies: business culture workshop, Berlin Wall Memorial
Length of program: 1 week
Number of participants: 20 students, 2 faculty members

Program overview:
Tauber students embarked on an experiential learning journey in 2 major German cities:

Frankfurt: a global hub for commerce, tourism and transportation that does not only have the busiest cargo airport in Europe, but also represents the major financial center of the European continent

Berlin, as Germanyʼs capital: a world city of culture, politics, media and science as well as Europeʼs leading hub for entrepreneurship

On this International Facility Trek to Germany, Tauber students visited some of the most prominent global companies in the industries of engineering, logistics, healthcare and transportation and a few start-ups (Amazon, BMW, Coca-Cola, Fresenius, Lemke Brewery, Mercedes BenzPfizer, Viessmann, and Volkswagen). They looked behind the scenes of the major facilities, gained insights into a highly modern logistics distribution center in Leipzig (as a stop-over on the way to Berlin) and learned about the manufacturing processes of companies working in the infamous German automobile industry in Berlin. In addition, the Tauber students had a glimpse into the logistics of a couple of social start-ups (Social Impact, Stitch by Stitch and tatcraft) and meet the young local entrepreneurs behind them, who were eager to talk about their experiences in the market.

Students in an Amazon warehouse in Germany with an Amazon director
Tauber students at BMW holding the Tauber flag
Students outside of Fresenius holding the Tauber flag