Team Project Q & A

Team projects range from high-level strategic analysis to complex supply chain challenges, to detailed plant layout and workflow issues for a specific product line. The Tauber Associate Director is available to assist sponsors in scoping a project.

Specific project deliverables are agreed upon in advance by the sponsoring company and the Tauber Institute. Examples include:

  • Lean process design and implementation
  • Applying analytics/data sciences for process improvement
  • Manufacturing site strategic assessment
  • Supply chain implementation plan
  • Logistics optimization
  • Strategic analyses
  • New product/process development strategy
  • Product complexity analysis
  • Managing transitions between products
  • Manufacturing process design
  • Sustainability assessment/improvement

What individuals constitute a project team?
Each project consists of 2 or 3 students, typically from different participating programs, who are supported by 2 faculty members - one from the College of Engineering and another from the Ross School of Business. In addition, each project team is supported by a Communications Coach, a Team Dynamics Coach, and a Librarian.

Sponsor representatives supporting this team include a project supervisor who maintains close contact with students, a project champion from senior management, and a human resources representative to facilitate summer and possible future employment.

Where do projects take place?
Student teams work at the sponsor's site for the duration of the project. The sponsor provides necessary computer and office equipment along with security access. During the time of the COVID pandemic, projects are executed in both virtual and in-person formats.

When do projects take place?
Teams are on-site from early May through August, but preparations begin as early as the fourth quarter of the previous year. Companies interested in sponsoring a Team Project should submit applications by the beginning of December for the following summer.