Self sufficient and in control

March 23, 2021

Ann Arbor, MI - Struggling to adjust to major life disruptions caused by the pandemic, many people are longing to gain an increased sense of self-sufficiency and life control. University of Michigan students in this semester's Integrated Product Development (IPD) course are creating brand new products that help fill this need.

Cast your vote for the best new products April 14-20!

The popular IPD course - hosted by the Tauber Institute - brings together students from Michigan Engineering, Ross School of Business, School of Information, and STAMPS School of Art & Design to form multidisciplinary teams that apply their combined academic skillsets to real-world product design challenges. Co-instructors Eric Svaan of the Ross School of Business and Stephanie Tharp of the STAMPS School invite their students to engage in external feedback throughout the design and production process. Svaan and Tharp often open the course with a design charrette to allow students to interact creatively with potential customers and to become open to new possibilities. At several points in the design and prototyping process, experienced industry reviewers provide students with candid feedback about the originality and the quality of their work. This semester the university is pleased to welcome Tom Granzow of Stryker, Parrish Hanna of Movotiv, Rachel Krasnick of Accenture, Laura Leenhouts of Newell Brands, and Joshua Ribolla of Slalom to conduct product development reviews.

In addition to conceptualizing, designing, and building completely new products, the student teams also devise a full range of business and marketing materials for their product launch. Their process culminates in an online trade show where volunteers from across the University of Michigan community review student-designed product websites and videos, then "vote" for the best new products by filling their virtual shopping carts with favorite items that fit within their virtual budget.

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