Meet the Alumni Scholarship winners

September 25, 2020

Ann Arbor, MI - Congratulations to Katie Cameron and Michelle Pawlow, winners of the 2020 Tauber Alumni Scholarships!

The Tauber Alumni Board awards two scholarships of $5000 each at the annual SPOTLIGHT! Team Project Showcase and Scholarship Competition to current students who demonstrate excellence in leadership and engagement in Tauber Institute activities. When presenting this year's awards, Alumni Board President Andrew Burgess (MBA '11) remarked, "Really what we're looking for are students who most exemplify the ideal of continuous improvement within the institute. Who comes to Tauber and leaves it better than they found it? That's the goal. Every organization can continuously improve, and Tauber is no exception."

Katie Cameron (MBA) is a member of 2020 Tauber Team PepsiCo and worked this past summer to help the Dallas Gatorade plant meet its sustainability goals by implementing water savings projects and developing a plan for future initiatives by mapping water usage, analyzing process data, engaging with technical stakeholders, and modeling future water use projections. Katie volunteered at the Global Operations Conference and Tauber Community Service Day, shared her experience with Agile methodologies as a student speaker for the Leadership Advantage Program, sourced industry panelists for Tauber events, and as academic chair of the Tauber Student Advisory Board created a new series of sessions to help Tauber students prepare for their team projects. Katie said, "What I’m most proud of contributing to Tauber were 3 LAP Refreshers, hour-long webinars dedicated to reviewing popular concepts covered in the Fall LAP... The feedback I received from peers was very positive and I hope to inspire the future SAB Academic Chair to continue the program in the coming year – in fact, I look forward to sharing pointers and possible points of improvement to make these even more impactful in the future."

Michelle Pawlow (EGL BSE-Environmental Engineering / MSE-IOE) is a member of 2020 Tauber Team Anheuser-Busch InBev and worked this past summer to create a more sustainable business model for AB InBev's barley growers, identifying technological solutions to allow AB InBev to accept 100% of growers' barley without compromising beer quality and company profitability. As a member of the Tauber Student Advisory Board, Michele has served as social chair, vice president, and president. She created new social events to promote business and engineering student interactions, generated student surveys to provide guidance for Tauber program development, and helped her peers navigate this year's transition to virtual interactions. Michelle said, "No one could have predicted how a global pandemic would have impacted so much of our experiences this summer, but as President I have been so grateful to have worked with a team of intelligent and thoughtful board members who have helped bring so many events to life and supported students throughout this past year... The most meaningful experiences for me have been both the MBA and engineering students pulling me aside in between classes or on the street, seeking advice on how they can feel more comfortable sharing their questions, fears, and opinions."

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