Meet the Alumni Scholarship Winners

September 13, 2019

Ann Arbor, MI - Congratulations to Robert Pakko and Sarah Ting, winners of the 2019 Tauber Alumni Scholarships!

The Tauber Alumni Board awards two scholarships of $5000 each at the annual SPOTLIGHT! Team Project Showcase and Scholarship Competition to current students who demonstrate excellence in leadership and engagement in Tauber Institute activities. This year the Tauber Alumni Board selected Robert Pakko and Sarah Ting as the recipients. Both students presented the results of their Tauber team projects at the SPOTLIGHT! Showcase prior to receiving their Tauber Alumni Scholarship awards.

Robert Pakko (EGL BSE-CSE/MSE-IOE) is a member of 2019 Tauber Team Microsoft Business Operations, and worked this past summer to improve operations for a revenue recognition process used by Microsoft regional facilities around the world. Robert is an active member of the Tauber Student Advisory Board, creating networking opportunities for career advancement, facilitating conversations between students and faculty, making plans for iterative improvements to the institute, and gathering the Tauber community together to just have fun! Additionally, he joined the Tauber Institute's commitment to Community Service Day, Leadership Advantage feedback, the Industry Panel, and the Global Operations Conference. Robert is thankful for Tauber community members who have worked to make the institute the welcoming organization that he knows today. He said, "I wouldn't have done any of these things if the Tauber Institute wasn't a program that naturally inspired close engagement and participation.... it will continue to be the reason that students like me try to find ways to give back to the Tauber community as well."

Sarah Ting (MBA/MS-Aero) is a member of 2019 Tauber Team Boeing Fabrication, and worked this past summer at Boeing's Mesa, AZ facility to develop data-driven strategies and identify tactical improvement opportunities in support of Boeing's Fabrication 2025 effort. On-campus, Sarah has been instrumental in helping to organize Tauber Institute programs such as the Global Operations Conference, the Tauber Leadership Forum, and the International Tauber Trek, has sought to bring more industry representatives working in data analytics and aerospace to Michigan, and has reached out to prospective students interested in the Tauber Experience as a Ross Admissions Ambassador.  Sarah said, "I know in the future, as a Tauber alum, I will continue to leverage my network to give back to the program... I believe Tauber has created a business school experience that is unrivaled by any other program, and I’m committed to growing the legacy."

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