Who Won? IPD Trade Show Results

December 18, 2018

The Integrated Product Development (IPD) course hosted by the Tauber Institute for Global Operations has been around for 23 years. The demand for this popular course is simple, it challenges and expands student knowledge of how products that solve problems for people in the real world are created.

The IPD course is distinguished by hands-on manufacture of customer-ready prototypes executed by cross-disciplinary teams of students in a simulated economic competition. Students compete not only against benchmark products but also against each other for bragging rights and market share.  The course design is such that teams can succeed only by performing well in all four dimensions: marketing, manufacturing, engineering, and design.

This year’s competition challenge was to design and produce a product or tool to be used with one hand, that enables people to perform routine daily tasks that otherwise would require two hands. Reasons for having “one hand available” could include temporary or long-term disability, or simply that the other hand is otherwise occupied (holding a baby, for example).

Teams launched their products in a web-based competition and again a week later in a physical trade show held at the Tauber Colloquium in the Ross School of Business. Members of the community were asked to examine the products and provide honest, constructive feedback as well as vote for their favorites by “purchasing” them with virtual dollars.

2018 Results

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The 2018 IPD Teams:

Flip Grip, is a pocket-sized friction technology made for on-the-go. It solves the simple issue of holding things in place with a compact gripping solution. The team originally launched their product at $10 for the web Trade Show and remained at $10 for the physical Trade Show. Team members included Alexandra Deseda (MBA '19), Fiona Tien (BFA '19), Baylee Miller (MSCM '19), and Howard Zhang (BFA'19).

Zova, is a bed sheet redesigned to make your bed with one hand easy and quick in three simple steps. Zova has eliminated the need for an elastic fitted sheet during the bed making process. Instead, Zovas unique velcro placement, precision stitches, and guided folding allow for a seamlessly tight fit around the mattress at all times.  Priced at $29 for web Trade Show, it stayed the same for the physical Trade Show. Team members included Product Manager Beerin-On Jelantianranat (MBA '19), Visual Designer Evie Yang (BFA '19), UX Designer Mu He (MSI '19), Product Designer Edward Cohen (BFA '19) and Product Engineer Viswanathan Raghu (MSCM '19).

ribbitis an ergonomically designed carrier empowering users to carry and transport multiple items with one hand; works great for food and drinks! It was priced at $50 for two for the web Trade Show, but reduced to $25 for one at the physical Trade Show to reduce inventory. Team members included Siyu Jia (MSI '19), Patrick Nair (BFA '20), Devan Gandhi (MBA '19), and Ella Rocker (BFA '19).

rol, is a combined wheel cutter and fork, in a potrable case. It sold for $30 at the web Trade Show and was reduced to $20 at the live Trade Show to sell out their inventory. Team members included Justine Abbo (BFA '20), Mark Hardin (MBA '19), Nikhil Pawar (MEng 19), Xuenan Xu (MDI '19), and Zheng Zhang (MBA '19).

Leto, marketed themselves as your better garbage solution. The LETO trash system pairs a standard trash can that has been improved by the addition of an easy bag sealer, bag hooks, overfill indicator, and a dirt-resistant finish with a convenient subscription of garbage bags with a springy elasticized rim. Originally priced at $35 on the web, was increased to $39 for the physical Trade Show. Team members included Bonnie Jiang (BFA '19), Sho Kawabe (MBA '19), Jingyu Li (MSI '19) , and Megan Nesbeth (MBA '19).

Clarifiis an easy-open contact case that makes eye care practices simpler to allow you to have healthy habits to live your life uninterrupted by your eyewear. It was priced at $10 for both Trade Shows. Team members included Startup Organizer Andrea Krushefski (MBA '19), Customer BFF Crystal Wang (MSI '19), Product Prodigy Katerina Meidanis (BFA '20), Engineering Enthusiast Richard Doktycz (MEng '19), and Design Guru Zhengkuan Yan (MSI '19).

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