Alumni Launch 25/25 Challenge

May 7, 2018

Each summer, Tauber student teams solve tough operations challenges for their sponsoring companies.

This summer, to honor the Tauber Institute's 25th anniversary, the Tauber Alumni Board launched its own challenge:
the Tauber 25/25 Alumni Scholarship Challenge.

Through the challenge, the alumni board plans to raise $25,000 to make the Tauber Alumni Scholarship Fund completely self-sustaining. Meeting the goal will allow the fund to support $5,000 scholarships for two Tauber students who demonstrate leadership and community service each year.

"I was fortunate enough to be the first recipient of the Alumni Scholarship," Tauber Alumni Board President Andrew Burgess recalls, "I didn’t know the scholarship existed until the request for applications went out. I participated in many activities and committees while in Tauber because I believed in the value of the organization, and the power of learning through doing. I am still reaping the benefits from those leadership experiences today. Receiving the scholarship, along with other financial support, allowed me to complete my final year without the need for a student loan. The burden this removes cannot be overstated. I felt freer to make career choices that fit purely with my interests, not how quickly I could repay debt."

Receiving the scholarship helps student leaders contribute even more of their time and talent to strengthening the Tauber Institute. "I loved planning events for the Tauber community, working to build the strong connections that I believe will be life-long," says Lizzy Ettelson, a 2017 Tauber Alumni Scholarship recipient. "When I recieved the Tauber Alumni Scholarship for service and leadership to the Tauber Institute, I was even more motivated to give back to the community. The scholarship motivated me to continue to pursue leadership and involvement opportunities without the pressure of finding an on-campus job."

2015 recipient Melissa Sweeney says her scholarship award allowed her to extend the global reach of her community service: "While in Tauber I pioneered a relationship with U of M and the EKARI Foundation in Malawi, Africa, where I was able to volunteer post-graduation for 3 months. The Tauber Alumni Scholarship contributed to me being able to embark on this journey where I enjoyed teaching math and science before starting my full-time job."

When the 2018 Tauber project teams are delivering their final results in August, the Tauber Alumni Board hopes to be closing in on their $25,000 goal. The board encourages all members of the Tauber community to make a one-time contibution to provide self-sustaining scholarships for years to come.

Visit the 25/25 Challenge crowdrise site to make a donation.