Confident U-M Team Wins Case Competition

December 21, 2016

Confidence pays off for a Michigan Ross School of Business Weekend MBA team at the 10th annual U-M Global Operations Conference.

Ann Arbor, MI - "PwC Case Winner" is the name the confident Michigan team chose when they entered the 2016 PwC/stategy& Case Competition, held in conjunction with the annual U-M Tauber Institute Global Operations Conference.  Though they faced tough competition from 76 other teams representing 13 schools, the stategies developed by the U-M Ross School of Business Weekend MBA team of Eric She, Harsh Choubey, Chris Hart, and Andrei Duma earned them the first place prize of $4000, and recognition at the conference.

The specifics of the 2016 PwC/strategy& Case were highly relevant to the Global Operations Conference. Competing teams developed business plans to address challenges faced by a small but rapidly expanding renewable resources company navigating multiple market and supply chain issues in Europe, Asia, and North America. The complexities of the case provided an excellent learning opportunity for the entrants, as well as for the students, faculty, and industry leaders who attendend finalists' presentations.  "PwC Case Winner" team member Eric She said, "this case competition really provided us a chance to apply what we learn from Ross to real life.  As our Operations professor Wally Hopp mentioned in his class, MBA programs at Ross aim to provide students necessary tools to examine this complex world through different lens.  I feel this is so true after participation in the case competition."

Team member Andre Duma appreciated the opportunity to explore the nuances of an unfamiliar industry.  Duma said, "I spent a lot of time doing research on this industry, which was a great learning opportunity on finding analyst and research reports. I also learned a ton from my group-mates about telling the story through slides in a logical and visually appealing way."

Eric She also developed a deeper appreciation for "the collaborative and supportive culture" at Michigan Ross, and the advantages that being part of a diverse team bring to problem solving. "Diversity is really one of the key elements for our winning here." She said, "With four team members originally from four different countries (Eric from China, Andrei from Romania, Harsh from India and Chris from Michigan), we were extremely efficient in addressing some of global expansion questions in the case."

Team "PwC Case Winner" is sure to carry their global confidence to their next challege. Thinking back on the work that went into developing their winning presentation, Duma said, "I know each us on the team gave it their all, putting in a great deal of effort on top of school work and demanding full time jobs. When I heard that we won, I felt incredibly proud of our team and of our program. I’m hopeful that our win will further raise the profile of the Weekend MBA program and that it shows that we are just as good (technically better in this case) as full time students at Ross and other top schools."

The PwC/Strategy& Case Competition second prize of $1000 went to the "All About That Case" team of David Amstutz, Ryan Ripp, Eric Seti, and Daniel Wong from the Columbia Business School.

About the Global Operations Conference

The Global Operations Conference (GOC) is an annual event organized by the Tauber Institute for Global Operations at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. The main objective of the GOC is to bring together global leaders in industry and academia to share, debate and strategize to advance the worldwide practice of operations.

Learn more about the 2016 GOC, "New Frontiers in Operations."

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