NCMS - Rick Jarman

Tauber Industry Advisory Board Representative
Rick Jarman
National Center for Manufacturing Science
President and CEO

NCMS is the largest cross-industry collaborative manufacturing research consortium in the United States devoted exclusively to manufacturing technologies, process and practices. Rick Jarman has been President and CEO since July 2007.

Prior to this, Rick was the Director of Technology Partnerships at Eastman Kodak Company where he was a driving force to forge alliances with industry and government in order to improve commercialization processes through innovation and new technology.  Rick was responsible for managing these global relationships and programs with policy makers, partners, and consortia management in order to leverage these synergistic, strategic partnerships.

In 2001, working with management from several major corporations including Kodak, and elected officials in federal, state, and local offices he co-founded the Infotonics Technology Center in upstate N.Y.  The goal of the Center was to establish a unique, world-class research and development center in the area of photonics and related micro-systems.  In support of this endeavor, a state-of-the-art prototype and pilot fabrication facility was built to enable innovation and the rapid commercialization of new products.

In 1988, he was selected to represent Kodak on the President's Commission on Executive Exchange.  He played a key role on the trade committee during the Commission's meetings in the USSR and Western Europe.  Issues discussed included US/USSR joint ventures and the European Community plans for 1992.  For the remainder of 1988, Rick served as Special Assistant to the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Production and Logistics in the Pentagon.  Here he provided executive counsel on issues such as Total Quality Management and Bolstering the Defense Industrial Base.

Rick holds a degree in Business Administration from Bloomsburg University and has performed graduate work at Penn State University in the Executive Management Program.

Rick Jarman, U-M Tauber Institute IAB Member
National Center for Manufacturing Science