Martin Perrin

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Tauber alumnus Martin Perrin (EGL BSE/MSE-ME '12) says the Tauber network has been invaluable for his professional development.

After several years working as a mechanical engineer, Martin decided to shift his career into consulting. Now he is a Senior Consultant at Deloitte, focusing on Product Development as part of the Strategy and Operations practice, working with Technology and Life Science clients.

Q: What drew you to the University of Michigan?

I came to Michigan because of the world class Mechanical Engineering program, then a visit to Zingerman’s Deli during my campus visit sealed the deal. I discovered the Tauber institute after exploring the EGL program during the spring of my freshman year. I was instantly drawn to the idea of a high impact internship with one of the impressive corporate partners. What I got from the program - a strong foundation in problem solving, lean business practices, and an awesome network (as well as a great resume for a fresh graduate) - far exceeded my expectations, and continues to provide dividends for my professional life.  

Q: When you think back on your time with the Tauber Program, what stands out?

When I think back on the course material that was covered as part of the Tauber program, I’m amazed at how applicable it has been to my day to day professional life. I’ve used the lean manufacturing and problem-solving concepts covered in Topics in Global Operations and Manufacturing and Supply Operations almost daily throughout my career, in multiple industries and roles.

Q: What’s the most important thing to remember in business?

Sound problem solving leads to sound decision making. Thinking through what can seem like a tedious process of formal problem solving (like the Toyota A3 process) leads to insights that are can be overlooked by experienced leaders relying on intuition alone. Regardless of your function, investing in structured problem-solving skills is time well spent!

Q. What are you doing now?

I’m a Senior Consultant at Deloitte, focusing on Product Development as part of the Strategy and Operations practice. I work with Technology and Life Science clients to drive improvements in Product Development and R&D organizations, helping them go to market faster, with better products and lower costs.

I took a bit of an unusual path to get here, as most of my peers are recruited from MBA programs. After graduating in December 2012 with an MSE in mechanical engineering, I started as a Manufacturing Engineer for a Medical Device company called Molecular Devices, one of the operating companies of Danaher, a large science and technology conglomerate. At Danaher, I was able to build on my experience at Tauber as I progressed through roles as Production Manager, Global Process Improvement Manager, and Product Manager.  I decided to make the jump into consulting to continue to build my problem-solving skills, and to get exposure to new industries and organizations.

Q: What advice would you give to current Tauber students?

Take the time to make strong connections with your classmates. The Tauber network has been invaluable to my professional development, helping me learn about other companies and industries, and leading to new opportunities. Don’t hesitate to reach out to alumni from previous classes, and don’t forget to return the favor when someone inevitably reaches out to you!

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Martin Perrin (EGL BSE/MSE-ME '12)