Mariel Lavieri

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Dr. Mariel Lavieri is an Associate Professor in the Department of Industrial and Operations Engineering at the University of Michigan.  She has bachelor degrees in Industrial and Systems Engineering and Statistics and a minor in String Bass Performance from the University of Florida, and a Master and PhD of Management Science from the University of British Columbia.  Dr. Lavieri's most recent awards include the 2017 Willie Hobbs Moore Aspire, Advance, Achieve Mentoring Award and the 2016 National Science Foundation CAREER Award.

Q: What first brought you to the University of Michigan?

A desire to make a significant impact in the field of healthcare operations research. I was especially interested in the potential to perform multidisciplinary work and in working with great students and faculty across the university.

Q: Describe your experiences as an instructor at Michigan, and working with the Tauber Institute.

Working with the Tauber Institute has given me the opportunity of finding great examples to later use in my own courses at Michigan. I teach large undergraduate courses, and the up-to-date examples I have found through the Tauber projects (which are beyond my own field of research) have helped me better convey course materials to my students.

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Q: What do you consider to be highlights of your career thus far?

The undergraduate, masters, and PhD students I have had the chance of teaching and advising in research. It is also a highlight to have had an impact in my own research domain. Finally, I do consider our work done towards diversity, equity and inclusion a highlight of my career.

Q: What skills do you feel are most important for today's Operations students to develop?

At the moment data is becoming increasingly available in a variety of fields. An ability to use that data to better understand systems and guide decision making is a key skill to have. I also believe that presentation and communication skills are key to succeed in the field.

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Mariel Lavieri
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