Knowledge when you need it

June 26, 2017

Tauber Institute Data Science Series

With only fourteen weeks to complete a highly challenging operations project, Tauber Institute students working at top companies around the globe need to quickly master any new tools they need.  This summer, all Tauber Institute project teams have 24/7 access to the Tauber Institute Data Science Series, which provides on-demand instuctional videos by Michigan professors tailored to the data analysis challenges students face in the field.

Last summer, the Tauber Institute launched a beta test of the Data Science Series with three learning modules: Data Visualization, SQL, and Machine Learning.

The Data Science Series learning modules are designed to be easily digestible.  Each module has appoximately 2 hours of instructional video, divided into smaller units 6 to 15 minutes long.  Many students start with little to no knowledge of the data analysis tools, but the modules deliver the essential information for students to begin using their new tools within a week. Last summer, Tauber's 2nd place Spotlight! winners used much of the knowledge they gained from the Data Science Series directly on their project.

Following the success of last summer's beta test, the Tauber Institute responded to student feedback by adding more practice problems, and developed three new modules for the 2017 launch: Optimization Using Excel (developed with Prof. HyunSoo Ahn), Simulation Using ProModel (with Prof. Luis Guzman), and Operations Management Core Concepts (with Prof. Wallace Hopp).

Plans are in the works to make the Data Science Series more widely available through the Tauber Institute website. Continued development of online learning tools is part of the Tauber Institute's commitment to lifelong learning support for their alumni, and for the Operations community.