Damian Beil

Damian Beil is looking forward to joining Tauber Leadership as Business School Co-Director in July 2017.  He will work closely with College of Engineering Co-Director Lawrence Seiford and Industry Director Raymond Muscat to keep the Tauber Institute at the forefront of Operations theory and practice.

Dr. Beil has been an integral part of the Tauber Institute community for several years as a faculty advisor for award-winning Tauber teams, and considers Tauber to be "one of the best things U-M has to offer students and faculty."

As Professor of Technology and Operations at the Ross School of Business, Beil teaches courses in operations management and strategic sourcing. He received the Teaching Excellence Award in 2007, and the Faculty Development Award in 2009. Beil was recognized nationally for his teaching as one of the "2015 Best 40 Under 40 Professors" by poetsandquants.com.

Beil's industry experience includes work with a wide range of influential companies – including Amazon, American Express, Avon, Boeing, BorgWarner, Coca-Cola, Conway, Corn Products, Dell, Domino’s Pizza, General Motors, Intel, Pfizer, Sodexo, Tongxin International, United Defense, and Vision Spring.

In his research, Professor Beil develops mathematical models to analyze complex problems in procurement. His work includes studies of how bargaining power affects opportunistic pricing by suppliers, and how procurement auctions should be designed to account for supplier qualification screening and quality levels. He is also interested in applications of operations management to health care, and has analyzed therapy sequence scheduling for cancer patients and national organ allocation policies.

Beil has served as an Associate Editor for Management Science, Operations Research and Naval Research Logistics, and as a Senior Editor for POMS. Prior to joining Michigan, Beil received a BA in Mathematics from New College and a PhD in Operations Research from M.I.T.

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Below is a brief interview with Dr. Damian Beil, conducted prior to his appointment as Business School Co-Director:

Q: How did you land at the University of Michigan?

A: U-M was my first job out of graduate school. I was just 26, and didn't have much experience besides research. Ross' incredible connections with companies through programs like the Tauber Institute for Global Operations were invaluable in helping me get current on industry issues and challenges, and really shaped my research and teaching.

Q: What do you consider to be the highlight of your career thus far?

A: Highlights come whenever my master's students tell me about getting a job based on the things they learned at Ross, or when my former Doctoral students receive tenure. Those moments really matter.

I am also proud of launching the Master of Management Program at U-M, a soup-to-nuts endeavor that involved working with a team of colleagues covering marketing to admissions to curriculum. Seeing our students enjoying the program and getting jobs is very gratifying.

Q: What is your most memorable classroom moment?

A: It involves a negotiation game I created for an elective class that brings out the good in people, the bad in people, and culminates in students sharing their war stories. I learn as much as my students do each time I run it.

Q: What would students be surprised to learn about you?

A: We are currently in the middle of renovating our 100-year-old house in Ann Arbor.  

Q: What’s next for you? 

A: I've taken on more administration roles in the past few years. This has been a wonderful opportunity to learn new things about Ross and work with various experts that help ensure our programs run smoothly for our students -- admissions, career services, marketing, etc.  I continue to do research and also teach, so it's a balancing act to manage everything. 

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Damian Beil
Damian Beil with the team he advised in 2012: 2nd place at Spotlight!
Damian Beil